Right now we only know how to do the coding for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs. In time, we'll be learning Wordpress. Thanks!

If you know the coding, we'd be happy to create the design for you.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2014 Specials

•Button: $15
•Favicon: $5
•Post Divider: $10
•Signature: $12
•Sidebar Labels: $15
•Background: $25
•Simple Menu Bar: $25
•Simple Header (no drawings of people): $50
•Custom Illustration (one person, each additonal person $50): $100

•Basic Blog Design: $75 (Simple Header, Background and Button)
•Simple Full Blog Design $100 (Simple Header, Background, Button, Simple Menu Bar, Signature and Favicon)
•Full Blog Design: $150-$200 (Custom Illustration Header, Background, Button, Menu/Navigation Bar, Sidebar labels, Signature, Favicon and Post divider)

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