Right now we only know how to do the coding for Blogger/Blogspot Blogs. In time, we'll be learning Wordpress. Thanks!

If you know the coding, we'd be happy to create the design for you.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tentative Design Schedule

Tentative Design Schedule - If you choose to upgrade with one of the specials below, you'll be bumped up at least a week.

Scrappy Gifts Winners (*have replied to winning e-mail/comment) (**have replied with what they want)

**January 15th-28th: Amber from Luv, Laughter Happily Ever After (buttons and header for entering on both sites - upgrading to have a background too)
**January 15th-21st: Amber from Life, Love, Green  (2 buttons)
**January 15th-21st:  Abi (Simple Header-tiaras and trucks)
**January 22nd-28th: Discovering the Me in Mommy (Simple Header-vanity)
**January 22nd-28th: Crystal (Simple Header)
**January 22nd-February 4th: Sarah (Full Blog Design)
January 29th - February 4th: Christy (Sidebar Labels)
January 29th - February 11th: Kaysi (menu bar and background for entering on both sites)

Crafty Mommy Diva Winners
**January 15th - 28th: newmami_rgv (Full Blog Design-The Mommy Blog)
February 5th-February 11th: avatarlady (Simple Header)
February 5th-February 11th: Mary (2 buttons)
February 12th-17th: Scrappin' Nana (Simple Header)
February 18th-24th: Chacoy (Simple Header)
February 25th - March 3rd:  Janene (Simple Header)

Specials until we get our site going....
  • Button: $5
  • Favicon: $5
  • Post Divider: $5
  • Signature: $7
  • Sidebar Labels: $10
  • Background: $10
  • Simple Menu Bar: $15
  • Simple Header (no drawings of people): $15
  • Custom Illustration: $40
  • Basic Design: $25 (Simple Header, Background and Button)
  • Full Blog Design: $75   (Custom Illustration header, background, button, menu/navigation bar, sidebar labels, signature, favicon and post divider)

Monday, September 13, 2010


My husband and I want to start a blog design business. He's an illustrator so he can draw anything I or customers want/need. I have learned enough about HTML code that I can create some sites.

I'm excited to do this and work with my husband. We make great partners =D